Keeping It Simple & Successful
Branding Building Model

AT KISS we build brands that make your marketing deliver results!

Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Build Its Brand

Creates brand champions who promote positive word of mouth about your business

Great brands have an army of brand champions. Ready to promote or defend the brand. Brand champions come ...

Creates a unique identity in a crowded marketplace

Many products these days are very similar in design, features, functionality and country of origin. So ...

Helps ensure your business’ long-term future

A strong brand allows your short-term marketing efforts to resonate with your customers (remember you ...

Lowers your advertising costs

It’s been proven time and time again the most expensive form of marketing is trying to continually ...

Allows you to charge a premium price for your product/service

Imagine being able to charge more for your product/service than your competitors.  When a business creates ...

Best way to make your marketing efforts achieve positive results

A strong brand  ensures that all marketing activities are coordinated and integrated creating synergy, ...

in today's business environment ... everything seems to be rushing past

At KISS we make it simple by focusing on the things that matter!

Your product/service

Your Brand is more than just a reflection of the product or service you sell. However, your brand identity and how it’s positioned in the marketplace, depends greatly on the quality of your product/service. Your brand needs to match the unique characteristics of your product/service and more importantly, your product/service must deliver on the brand promise. Get this wrong and you’ll be struggling from the outset.

You and your staff

You and your staff play a crucial role in building your brand’s identity.

Remember: words are cheap….they’re used all the time in advertising to over sell products and services. However, on the opposite side, the interactions between you, your staff and customers provide incredible opportunities to deliver on your brand promise and turn customers into brand champions!

Your Customers

Everyone knows there is no business without customers! But did you know that most businesses make 80% of their money out of only 20% of their customers. So it is very important to understand those 20%! Build your brand around what’s important to those 20% and watch your customer base grow.

successful brands are built on solid foundations
a successful brand connects customers to your business

Working with KISS

One of the enjoyments in life should be running a business.  To have control of your future.  To chart your own course and be the person who makes the final decision.  At KISS we get that.  Welcome to our world.

The reason clients want to work with KISS is simple: we build profitable brands! Brands that make marketing deliver results.

Everyone KISS works with, from clients through to suppliers, understands and appreciates the KISS philosophy: Keeping It Simple & Successful.

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When you become a valued KISS client, you will gain exclusive access to the KISS Members’ Lounge entitling you to a range of free resources and advice to ensure you are “Keeping It Simple & Successful”.


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